Here is a question… What if the problems you are dealing with are not even really problems?

Consider most of us are not really dealing with the problems; instead, we are working on trying to solve the symptoms.

Let’s do this exercise together… What are your 4 biggest problems right now?

Number #1 Business problem

Number #1 Health problem

Number #1 Relationship problem

Number #1 Time freedom problem

Write these down on a piece of paper, don’t take this lightly and be honest, this is no joke.

Why, Business, Health, Relationships, Time? Because of working with thousands of business owners, these are always the top 4 that come up, and each one is critical to your overall success.

We all know that the truth will set us free, but most of us are not being honest with our situations.

Thinking that you can outwork a health problem and hide behind business revenue as a get out of jail card for not having the time to spend with your loved ones will not set you free.

Think of it like putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound you may cover the hole for some time, and you can pretend it’s not there, but without removing the bullet, you will eventually bleed out.

Sounds dramatic that’s because your Business, Health, Relationships, and Time are serious, and sugar-coating things will not get you what you want.

As long as we are lying to ourselves or not telling the truth, we don’t have the opportunity to make a change. The first step of making a change is not acknowledging you need to change more where you need to grow and improve.

Most of us are experts at dreaming up how our lives should be; we hold a FUTURE picture in our minds of perfection, and at the same time, we look back to the PAST and have regrets for our failings.

The place between future PERFECTION and past FAILURES is an area called the VOID.

As you focus on what you’re not achieving in terms of your Business, Health, Relationships and Time freedom, you only increase the distance of the void.

Think of it like running towards the horizon you think you just need to run faster to get there, but in reality, it is technically unreachable; not being able to run fast enough isn’t the problem.

That’s a SYMPTOM… and solving symptoms will not stop the blood loss.

In order to move forward and achieve success in all areas of your life starts with getting clarity on what is genuinely blocking us by telling the TRUTH about the real problems.

“The area between PERFECTION and PAST FAILURES is what you typically describe as the problem when in reality this VOID is NOT the problem. The VOID is the symptom.

What’s blocking you from achieving a life of total Wealth, Health, Time, and Relationship Freedom has nothing to do with perfection and past failures.

If you don’t have truthful clarity on the problems that are, you will be forever spinning your wheels on symptoms that are not.

For example, if your wealth is not where you want it, but your health is in poor shape, and you lack the energy to sustain the effort required to increase your performance. Is that a business problem?

If your business has cannibalized your life and you hide behind your lack of freedom as a reason for not showing up to the ones you love. Is that a time problem?

If your health is not where you want it and you identify needing to lose 20Kg, but you don’t have the best equipment, books, or a gym membership. Is that a resource problem or eating and drinking too much with no exercise problem?

If your income is not matching your efforts and you’re not growing at the level, you hoped for by now and you’re sick of grinding so hard and dealing with all the dramas, is that a lack of effort or a lack of leverage, team, and systems problem?

If we don’t have truthful clarity on the problem, that is… we waste time, money, energy, and resources trying to fix the problem that isn’t.

 The key to increasing your wealth, health, time, and relationship freedom starts with telling the truth, holding up the mirror and rethinking the problems you wrote down.

Are these problems really the problems, or are they something else that will require you to dig deeper, get real, grow, and expand?

With Respect and Admiration