I’m incredibly grateful to have had some of the best mentors and lessons that have helped me understand how to become humbly successful in business and life.

I wanted to share with you 20 powerful thinking strategies that have been extremely helpful to me.

So here they are.

#1. Fortune favour’s the bold every day do something to push outside your comfort zone.

#2. Morning exercise is the precursor to winning your day.

#3. Eat the frog and do the hardest things first because they are the best.

#4. Words are the most powerful weapons they can create or destroy, so use wisely.

#5. Meditation and journaling is the secret art of the most successful.

#6. The 5-hour rule of 1 hour per day uninterrupted learning will skyrocket your results.

#7. Your fears of loss will become your walls to your gains if not destroyed by massive action.

#8. Your greatest pain and setbacks are often the springboard to your biggest results.

#9. If you see people as a cost, they will know it. Instead, treat them as an investment.

#10. With Great leadership comes great power and responsibility.

#11. To reach your goals, you must do the reps; no one can do your pushups for you.

#12. Your wealth and success are in direct proportion to amazing health and family life.

#13. Live by the code, always tell the truth, be congruent, never break a promise.

#14. Give away what you need most you can’t get warmth if you don’t stoke the fire.

#15. Always be grateful for your gifts and talents, others who have helped you and what you have.

#16. Start your day with clarity and intention on your 3 big things to achieve to move you forward.

#17.  Play the long game over, always looking for quick wins and short-term satisfaction.

#18.  Eliminate lesser distractions that are not aligned with your goals, say no more than yes.

#19. Always be looking to expand your freedoms. Health, Wealth, Relationships, Purpose, Time.

#20. Surround yourself with top performers who hold you to higher standards.

Remember your rewarded in public for what you do in private, and your success is tethered to your lowest area of performance.

Thinking you can push through with willpower alone won’t work because it is not a valid fuel source as it will eventually run out.

Your input determines your outlook and ultimately your performance.

So, if you’re looking for help with new thinking strategies to rapidly move you towards the life and business you want.

Step forward and reach out.

With Respect and admiration,