We all start out excited about our business. We love it. We want it to grow. We put in our all. At some point though, it just feels hard. You don’t reacah your goals. You start dreaming of escaping to an Island. But what if you could bring that island to your everyday life so you could stay in the game without feeling like you have to escape?

The problem is in the world where most business owners live, they have very little clarity on what they want, so they don’t see the blind spots and end up out of balance.

  • Your wealth is only as valuable as how you use it.
  • Your time is only utilized to the degree you protect it.
  • Your relationships are only meaningful to the degree you invest.
  • Your purpose is only worthy to the degree you are truthful.
  • Your health is undervalued until it is gone then nothing else matters.

You can have a Super Profitable Business, but if you don’t have your health or any time to enjoy your wealth, what’s the point?

If you’re out of balance in any of the 5 freedom multipliers, you will only be as successful as the lowest denominator because they are all connected to your overall freedom.

So, your lowest one will eventually pull power from the highest and reverse your growth.

How to Love Your Business

The secret to not wanting to escape or sedate from your reality is to create a new one by balancing, then expanding your Freedom Multipliers:

  • Wealth
  • Time
  • Relationships
  • Purpose
  • Health

Be better than yesterday.