Jim Became The Leader His Business & Team Needed & Exploded Business Growth By 378%

Jim McDonald Hotwash Australia

“I’m sure many business owners go through sleepless nights worrying if there is going to be enough money in the account to pay the bills. Owing more money than what’s coming in. Working hard for years with little to show for it financially and not getting any younger. It’s like groundhog day.”

Jim McDonald Hotwash

Hotwash manufacturers and distributor of the world’s finest range of environmentally friendly, aqueous-based, industrial degreasing machines for mechanical workshops nationwide.

Initially solely based in Perth with sales service and custom manufacturing Hotwash Australia has expanded its operations nationally and overseas with its current dealer expansion program plan to appoint dealerships in every state and territory of the country.

“I have been working with Glen Michaelides for some years now, and I have never been more impressed with a business coach. Glen came to us when we had way too much on our plate; he broke down the critical areas of our business we needed to improve into manageable pieces we could digest.

While many other business coaches are happy to offer shallow advice, Glen has a unique and worldly appreciation of how a business operates in the real world. He has had his own successful career in business and now has made it his life’s work to help others

Glen’s innovative out of the box thinking and no-nonsense “Roll up the sleeves and let’s get into it” attitude stands him head and shoulder above the rest.

I would highly recommend Glen and his unique abilities approaches and methods to anyone in business as for you like us; he will become an indispensable member of your team in helping you 10 X your business and life.”

Jim McDonald Hotwash

A great product in an expanding industry but they stuggled with profit & growth.

Jim started Hotwash Australia in 2003 of the back of his extensive experience in the automotive, mining, and industrial sectors coupled with training as a 1st class fitter and tool maker. Jim knew everything about the technical work required to design and manufacture world class products, but struggles to find good staff, make reliable profits, and grow the business. Jim had gone years without paying himself because after paying everybody else; there was never anything left over. Jim realized he needed help.

Defining the problems in solvable terms instead of (The CEO of if we build it, they will come).

Jim found himself doing the same things over and over again and hoping that if he could keep improving his products work harder and longer that the profits would take care of themselves, but this approach turned a dream of having enough money to pay everything off and travel the country into one long nightmare of relentless hard work, mounting debts and sleepless nights. He got to a point where he was exhausted and could not keep up the long hour’s workload and another year of the same results.

“As a business owner, I was always in mind set of trying to get as much done as I could every day. But I did not stop and think what changes I needed to make so that tomorrow was not going to be the same as the last 15 years.

And that’s where stepping back getting clarity and building a blueprint for the necessary steps and plans to reach my outcomes changed everything.”

Jim McDonald Hotwash

Through the help of Empire, Jim was able to get complete clarity on his vision and design a step by step roadmap to reach his outcomes and beyond.

“The reason I chose Glen over others in the market is because of his real business building experience as opposed to those that are only trained up from the facts and figures manual. There are many factors to consider in growing businesses, but without real life people, finances, marketing, sales mindset and scaling experience most of the people out there don’t understand how to help effectively”

Jim McDonald Hotwash

Empires Three Step System For Success

Through Empire, Jim was able to take back control of his business and life optimizing his skills resources capital assets money and team to get significant improvements within his existing structure.

Jim knew he did not want to work harder for little results anymore so once his business was stabilized and running smoothly, he multiplied the untapped advantages hidden potential and overlooked innovation to get the growth he was searching for.

Ask Jim about the best part of running Hotwash is, and he will tell you that now he has a system to run his business by that empowers others to help him run the company, so the profits go up, but his workload goes down.

Empires Business Ascension
Wheel Roadmap

I have always been a proud businessman but (Now I can hold my head up high)

Today Jim is debt free and has grown his business by over 300% without him having to run everything and gets to enjoy more free time to spend doing what he loves including exploring and traveling our great country in his new 4wd vehicle.

It’s time to make the changes in your business and life today.

Whatever your business challenge you have the choice to transform your results today to what you have always dreamed it to be. Glens strategies, tools, methods,mindsets and the team at Empire will guide you with a hands-onstep by step roadmap and coaching to get you there.

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