I’d like to help you make the invisible visible. All gains in progress happen in levels. Whether it be your health, wealth, business, or freedom, each new level of growth comes with it different complications and sticking points. Some people reach a level where they can’t ascend any further using the same level of thinking.

I call this the “Mindset Limit Threshold” it’s a barrier is that needs to be broken over and over again with every new level.

As you reach new levels you increase your knowledge, skills, competency, and thinking abilities when it comes to your business and life.

However, this increase often reaches a Complication Limit. Each problem you overcome each obstacle you traverse each negotiation continues to add complications to the point where you reach a threshold, holding you back from achieving next levels of growth, skills, and accomplishments.

You become bogged down in the mechanical minutia, complexities, constraints, and fixed track thinking trying to reach higher levels with the same strategies, tactics and mindsets that got you to the level before.

For some, this Complication Limit becomes an impassable boundary and it’s why many business owners fail to grow and develop beyond a certain level of achievement.

But when you think you have reached the confines of your current level and what you are doing is no longer working. Know that there are faster and easier ways to surpass them. It begins with understanding that all efforts are not linear in results.

That working harder and longer is no longer moving you forward, that increasing your to-do list is not the solution to reducing the messes and conflict.

The only solution to reaching your next levels is not by increasing complications and complexity but by simplifying it. Through developing new ways of thinking, leading, and leveraging you can overcome your thresholds and get what you want.

This means shattering your existing paradigm of being traumatized by your past and plagued by a hundred different scenarios of what could go wrong by changing over from the horror channel and watching a different movie.

When you chose to direct your own future movie you can immediately start to traverse through your Complication Limits and to your next levels and beyond.

Think of leveraging your abilities and reaching your next levels by first imagining in detail and then creating tangible clear goals for your future self, business, and life.

By only watching the movies of your ideal future-self, business, and life, clearly defining outcomes for each of them and then continually measuring towards what you want you can turn your future into your present hit your next levels and bypass your previous Complication Limits

Challenging yourself to reach further towards the life and business you want and achieve your goals in the present is a byproduct of designing and directing your ultimate future self and business then living into that as if it has already happened.

By operating this way, you will adopt new processes attract new relationships and develop new higher standards for yourself and with it the added leadership power and team to take you to your next levels and beyond.

New future thinking creates better present results through attracting high-performance partners with new processes and innovation that will leverage your output and get you the results you want.

If you want to learn the skills, mindsets, tools to overcome your Complication Limits and create your future-self, business and life in the present. Then that’s why I created the inner and outer Empire program to arm you with the limitless technology to get you the life and business you want.

With Respect Glen