With Great Leadership Skills Comes Great Power

Many may think with great power comes great leadership, but it’s actually the opposite. Great leadership skills and abilities create great power and momentum. (In your business and life)

Often there is a culture of fear inside of companies that neutralize the team from making decisions and thinking for themselves.

Therefore, if they don’t own their decisions, it’s understandable they don’t want to take responsibility for them.

This can foster an environment of people ignoring problems holding back in taking the initiative, not bringing up important issues and even seeing problems they could help with but not wanting to get involved.

Leadership starts at the top; the old proverb “A fish rots from the head down” maps over ideally to if there is something stinky in the culture of your business, then who is responsible for the smell?

Leadership is the cure to bad culture, and a great culture trumps tactics because a can-do growth-minded team and environment will make it their business to overcome any obstacles.

The key to a great culture is creating and fostering a never-ending example of leadership in going first, owing, defining, and clarifying the vision, the rules of the game and how to win right.

If everyone knows exactly what game they are playing, what they are responsible for, what the code of conduct is, where the boundaries are and exactly how to win within the framework, you become the employer of choice.

A fridge full of Red Bulls or the complimentary cakes for morning tea is not the source for a great culture and highly engaged, motivated employees.

A week leader = a lousy culture = poor customer satisfaction and = low profits.

Thinking Time

What is the current culture in your business, and what would the culture look like if you were to become the employer of choice?

What are the leadership deficiencies in your business that are blocking you from becoming high-performance versus high drama?

What are the stories your employees have about the business that have led to the current culture?

What are the new beliefs your employees must have about themselves, the company their team members and clients?

What specific daily routines must you create to foster, reinforce, and maintain your new culture?

Where do you need to have the difficult conversations to help reset your culture and create a high performing team and environment?

What are the rules of the game everyone must abide by to create new standards of achievement? That attract and enhance growth-minded engaged employees to always do their best work?

Don’t wait for someone else to tell you what to do.

The best teams with the best culture don’t need to be managed, pushed, or threatened to do great work; they need to be lead, mentored, invested in and expanded.

Leadership means creating a self-managing self-multiplying business that you’re in charge of but don’t need to control. Remember, business Operators, get tired, and worn out. Business Owners expand their freedom.

Here’s to expanding your Freedoms, Wealth, Time, Purpose, Health.

With Respect Glen