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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
What is empire business coaching?
Most people in business think they are business owners; the truth is they are business operators because if they don’t operate the business every day, it comes to a grinding halt.

Being an employee wasn’t giving them the freedom and financial security they were looking for, so they transitioned into business but continued doing the same employee duties and in so creating for themselves a job working long hours and often with considerably less pay.

It’s not their fault because no one showed them how to become a business owner and build a successful scalable and salable business that is not totally reliant on them.

Empires mission is to help you create wealth freedom and complete market domination meaning you have the freedom and financial means to live life on your terms precisely what you set out to do when you started in the business.

What is a business coach?
To first answer this question with respect to what we do here at Empire Business Coaching, it is easier to start with what we are not in relation to what most business coaches offer.

We don’t read from a hand manual written by someone who has never been in business trying to teach something they have never done. We are not one trick ponies that try and use generic tactical solutions that only deal with the symptoms and don’t actually fix the problem. We are not sales people or marketers overpromising and not delivering real tangible agreed on measurable results.

We are business owners currently and successfully doing what we teach in our own businesses. Glen is responsible for building several multimillion-dollar companies of his own one to over 50 Million and counting.

We offer strategic and bespoke hands on consultation designed explicitly around the outcomes for your business and life.

Our skill sets and experience are incredibly comprehensive and cover every possible aspect of running growing, protecting your business while helping to design your ultimate lifestyle.

We go all in on helping you get the result specifically showing and guiding you step by step, including complete access to our latest tools, blueprints, and strategies.

Why do I need business coaching?
The type of clients that come to us here at Empire are quite varied some are already very successful and making good money but want to make sure they are not getting complacent, managing any potential threats and downside risks, and overall they want help to enhance critical areas of their business and accelerate to the next level.

Other companies are doing ok but have stagnated to a degree and realize they are just going through the motions and are not clear or sure what the plan is for the short medium and longer term, so we coach them towards reigniting their passion and reinvigorating their business through clear strategic action plans.

Lots of companies come to us to help improve their culture and team’s productivity engagement and commitment levels we help them create empowering trusting and transparent environments so they can reach their full potential.

We often get called in to help with underperforming sales teams drawing from our highly successful performance training systems to enhance their influence, communication skills and overall bottom line performance.

Lots of companies come to us because their profits are not matching all their hard work, they just can’t put their finger on what the problem is why there not making enough money, so we deep dive into their business find the most significant constraints and help them overcome and fix the problem.

How do you coach your clients?
Glen personally coaches and mentors his clients all over Australia and overseas in a one on one as if it was his own business approach this may mean him even coming out to your business once to review or even weekly if required.

Most of Glen’s clients prefer Zoom meetings especially for ease and convenience with the current travel challenges.

Meetings are one to two hours long weekly or fortnightly as required depending on the scope and the timing of the project. These meetings are highly informative and intensely powerful in moving the needle towards the results.

Glen has a firm but a supportive and inspiring method of getting transformations from his clients and their businesses a process his clients really enjoy because there is accountability with a supportive and solution orientated action plan.

How do I know I will get results?
To start with we do a fully comprehensive and complementary audit and coaching session where we make 100% sure we can help you achieve the results you want and are able to exceed your expectations, or we won’t take your money.

I would suggest you look at our case studies and testimonials the proof is always in the tangible return on investment results that are often in the hundreds of percent increases in bottom line net profits for our clients.

We offer a 100% Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee on all of our services meaning if you’re not entirely happy with our coaching over the first month we work together simply ask for your money back and we will return it no questions asked.

Over the last 15 years in me offering this guarantee across all of my business, I have never been asked to give a refund as our mission is to make sure the value you get from our products and services gives you 10X the cost of your investment.

So, most of Glen’s clients stay on for 2 to 3 years on average because they don’t want to disconnect from the accountability and continuing results they get in their business and life.

Now its your turn to be the judge from your own results the only next questions are.

How big to you want to grow?
How much freedom do you want?
How fast do you want to get there?
How committed are you to achieving your outcomes?

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