Virna Designed The Life She Always Wanted, By Becoming The Entrepreneur Her Business Needed & In The Process, Grew It By 278%

Virna White Wealth Safe

“I’m sure most business owners are grappling with trying to balance work life and family. There seemed to always be a tradeoff between trying to grow my business and spending quality time with my husband and children. When you’re working 60 plus hours a week, you can lose yourself to your company and give up the most important commodity of your life, time.”

Virna White Wealth Safe

Wealth Safe draws on over 30 years of experience helping business owners legally reduce their taxes so they can keep more of their hard-earned profits. They have helped countless Australians save and protect their wealth through structuring custom creative plans around the business owners’ unique circumstances. Expanding and scaling their operations locally and globally is now in full swing.

“Honestly, I didn’t wake up one day thinking I needed a business coach.

Like most business owners I can be a little stubborn in wanting to just keep pushing through and grind hard until something happens. Optimistic that with enough effort one day everything will work out and I will finally get my business working the way I want it.

The problem was that it wasn’t coming quick enough, I realised something was missing and to overcome my frustrations and get what I wanted I needed to do things differently. Glen was referred to me by a college and although reluctant to have the call within the first couple of minutes I knew I was in safe hands. Glen quickly and intuitively understood me and my business he helped me see the difference between symptoms and what the real problems were.

Most importantly he worked with me one on one to systematically eliminate the constraints grow my business and at the same time mentored me on how to become a better business owner. Now my profits are continuing to rise, and I get to work on the parts of the business I love.

If you are not happy with your business results, I strongly recommend reaching out to Glen his business skills and ability to create rapid improvements over your whole business will be invaluable.”

Virna White Director Wealth Safe

Satisfied clients and a unique transformational product but (A business that cannibalized her life)
Virna always knew she wanted to be a business owner that helped people. When she was promoted to managing Director of Wealth Safe, fulfilling her dream of helping business owners overcome financial challenges came to fruition. And because of her abilities to get transformational results for her clients, the work started coming in. But without the right systems and team in place, the business quickly consumed her entire life and that put a chokehold on her freedom and any further business growth. Having Glen as part of the team changed everything.

“I’ve always been a high achiever I guess its just been my default mode wanting to go all in and help. But I didn’t realize it was a problem because I thought just working hard all the time was how life was meant to be”

Virna White Wealth Safe

I was addicted to the excitement and adrenalin of business,but.(I did not realize the realcost of trying to do everything myself)

“I didn’t realize being a business owner was more than just working hard and delivering great service. Now I know that although hard work is necessary and important learning how to delegate and paving the way for my team to do an outstanding job through setting them up to win and supporting them with systems and KPIs has given me incredible leverage.

Getting clarity working on my business not just in it all the time has made a huge difference. I now have a highly trained team, and systems for them to follow that helps them and has also enabled me to scale my business over 200%.”

Virna White Wealth Safe

Through the help of Empire,Vina was able to get complete clarity on her business and life build a world class team of engaged, committed people, better understand how to make decisions and develop systems and processes that haveultimately enabled her to scale the business and multiply her output while working less and enjoying her life more.
Empires Three Step System For Success

Through Empire, Virna gained incredible leverage and growth in her business and life optimizing existing people, resources, and capital to get significant improvements within the existing structure.

Virna knew she could not run any faster to get the results she wanted, and that is where creating systems empowering training and rewarding people to support her challenges unlocked the growth she was searching for.

Ask Virna about what is the best part of being a Director of Wealth Safe is that now she gets to help more people and at the same time create opportunities for her team that drive profits while reducing her workload.

I have always been a dedicated businesswoman but (Now I also have the time spend guilt free with my family)

Today Virna has grown her business by over 200% and can apply her skills to building and scaling new business ventures without letting go of her most valuable commodity, Time.

It’s time to make the changes in your business and life today.

Whatever your business challenge you have the choice to transform your results today to what you have always dreamed it to be. Glens strategies, tools, methods,
mindsets and the team at Empire will guide you with a hands-onstep by step roadmap and coaching to get you there.

Empires Business Ascension
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