If You’re Looking For A Path To Increase Business Profits, Growth and Live a Life of Freedom, My Business Ascension Wheel is a Performance Blueprint for Transforming, You and Your Business Step by Step.


At the heart of the system the driving force to help you ENHANCE your business, optimize your skills and increase momentum by showing you how to GROW and scale to the next level and leveraging your unique advantages to design a FREEDOM business that generates predictable profits.


Our proven system integrates 8 critical business drivers that build upon each other interconnecting and strengthening together to drive profits and growth in a systematic way that removes you from the daily grind of operations so that you have the freedom to live life on your terms.

Whether the challenge is improving your clarity, strengthening your leadership, building a world-class team, getting a handle on your finances, lead generation, sales conversion, health, or planning for your exit we have the coaching program to get you there.


Stage One – Enhance Stabilising & optimising

Taking back control of your business and life leading from your strengths, optimising your skills, resources, capital, assets, money, time, team, criteria, mission, standards, and culture (The Power-shift).


Stage Two – Growth Taking your business to the next level

Once you have the machine running smoothly, you can safely scale by innovating protecting and multiplying your highest and best yields and capitalise on your untapped advantages (Geometric growth).


Stage Three – Freedom Build your empire, enhance your freedom & leave your legacy

Now that you are enhanced and have growth taken care of next is designing your freedom map to run under management or plan for exit and sell your business successfully to enjoy (Your legacy).



We are here to help you shine a light on what you need to create the business and life you want starting with a 30-minute discovery call with Glen It’s your opportunity to discuss what your biggest business challenges are in this free comprehensive and growth orientated session.