Well, we’re already a month into 2021, and for many business owners, they are about to be challenged more than ever. The question I always ask in working with business owners is how you transform your obstacles of the past into the opportunities for your future successes.

The secret is in the skill of outthinking and learning our past conditions. We can’t control the world events, but we can control how we think and act in relation to our internal worlds. That’s our infinite power to create and achieve the life and business we want.

And it means if we want to make this year our best, yet we have to turn last year’s challenges and wins into the successful strategies for our future achievements.
Think about it like this in achieving the future you want is co-dependent on of how you view your past.

If you feel guilty, frustrated, and unfulfilled about the past and live in that space, you’re only increasing the gravity of that reality meaning it will require far more effort to try and pull forward and achieve the business and life you want.

In preparation for what could be your best year yet despite what others are saying consider doing some reflecting on how the last year turned out then set yourself up on a winning streak for this year and beyond.

Start by answering the following questions.

1. What didn’t work well last year?
2. What were my 5 top wins from the last year?
3. What are the 5 top wins for this year?
4. Where do you want to be 12 months from now in business and life write a list?

Now think back if you could have a chance to do the year over again what would you do differently.

The insight and new concepts you come up with represents the learning materials and strategies to prevent similar losses from repeating themselves and gives you the confidence to recognize and capitalize on similar new opportunities for your future.

Go back in your time machine and review the last year, and clarify the results you want for this year, bring the learnings from your mistakes forward and leave the rest behind then springboard from your lessons and past successes to create the winning plan for the business and life you want.

To skyrocket your success means to never repeat the same mistakes and instead use the materials from your past learnings to expand into higher levels of freedom wealth and momentum by converting what most would look at destructive failures into your best most prosperous year yet.

All the best Glen