Everyone wants to be a Rock Star… but what if you can’t sing? In fact, what if you’re a downright terrible singer. Do you just keep trying to get better? Do you pretend you’re good at it and fake it until you make it? Do you hire a coach and learn the strategies of the experts?

The answer is you could do all of the above, and no doubt you could improve, but the problem is if singing is not your inborn natural talent, you could spend an inordinate amount of time money attention and effort just to make marginal improvements strengthening your weakness.

The fact is unless you are a naturally gifted singer and work extremely hard at strengthening your natural talents, it’s very doubtful you will ever become a Rock star.

What’s great about this is you don’t need to be a Rockstar at everything in your business to be wildly successful. In fact, its mandatory that you aren’t.

Growing up, we were often taught that we just have to do some things we hate and that if we do them long enough, eventually we’ll like doing them.

This almost never happens. What happens is that you go from hating the activity to hating yourself, so you sedate yourself to stop feeling those negative emotions about the work you’re doing.

Leaving you vulnerable to using shiny distractions as an add break from doing the things you’re not good at and don’t want to do long term.

Yes, you can eat the raw frog for short periods of time, but if you look back at previous negative business experiences, chances are you were simply doing the wrong activity for too long, and you ran out of motivation and will power.

The goal here is to free yourself forever from every irritating kind of action for the rest of your life. Just visualizing having that kind of freedom in your life will immediately generate energy.

As soon as you tell the truth about an irritation, you’ll get a huge amount of energy back because you can then give the activity an end date.

But there’s work. A shift like this requires a shift of thinking, a shift of doing, and a shift of commitment. There’s teamwork systems and technology involved. But you’ll never start this process if you don’t start by telling the truth.

An energized, passionate and profitable person is great to be around. They’re magnetic, positive, and always innovating because they’ve freed themselves from everything that had been bogging them down and wasting their time.

The trick is to lead the business forward with your strengths only do what is most energizing profitable, and enjoyable by eliminating the things that irritate you or don’t motivate you and replace them with systems technology and, of course investing in a top team whose strengths support your weaknesses and fill the other gaps.

Delegate handover and create higher goals for yourself that’s the secret to increasing your income, forward momentum, and meaningful results because you’re not realigning on willpower to continue eating the raw frog.


Many years ago, one of my mentors asked me this question; I knew the answers instantly. And so, do you. “What areas in your business do you do your best work?”


  1. Identify your strengths and what is most energizing profitable, and enjoyable to you.
  2. Create higher goals for yourself and lead your business forward via your strengths.
  3. Supplement your weaknesses by empowering and mentoring the best quality (People) and (Processes) that are strong in the areas you are not in order to help you move the business forward at warp speed.

We know the answers, and yet we so rarely set ourselves up for success. Think carefully about working to your strengths and investing in team systems and technology.

If you do this, you’re guaranteed to eliminate eating raw frogs and at the same time catapult yourself to Rockstar business owner for the rest of your business life.

With Respect and admiration