Many believe If you’re not destroying your competition, they will destroy you.
Survival is wired into our DNA to grab what we can is how most navigate their way through life.
The more we acquire, the higher our status, the problem with only focusing on acquiring what’s outside of ourselves leaves little room to focus on improving what’s inside.
What if, instead of trying to outdo your competition, you concentrated on outdoing yourself.
Instead of selling yourself the same as everyone else, you carved away all of that and concentrated on expanding your own unique skills and talents.
By focusing on your strengths and making your main priority continually improving those capabilities towards helping your market solve their challenges, you will never have to sell or compete again.
Because that’s what people want most from you.
You are entirely free when you can concentrate on improving your unique abilities and results from the inside out and not comparing with what others are doing on the outside.
If you operate from the outside, you will be in competition with everybody else; if you operate from the inside, you’ll no longer have to worry about competing again.
Concentrate on improving the value inside; you will get everything you want on the outside.
With Respect Glen