Tips, Techniques and Strategies for Growing ANY Business Even In the Toughest Economies
By Glen Michaelides

If someone could wave a magic wand and suddenly change something about your chosen profession or business, what one thing would you have them change? Would you have them provide you with an easier way to contact more, better-qualified prospects? And would you want those prospects as well as your current customers to view you as even more of a professional, or maybe even an “expert” in your field? You may be good now, but how would you like to be even better at making more effective, more persuasive presentations? Perhaps you would like to be more effective at closing sales or handling objections.

Or, is repeat business more important to you?

What if your current customers felt that you were the only person or the only business who understood and could effectively serve their specialised, unique and individual needs? Or, how about referrals? Take the best customer you have right now. How would you like to have more contacts just like them than you could possibly handle?

What one thing would you change to make you a better, happier, and more productive businessperson?

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