Invest in a high-performance team & take your business to the next level

There is one common denominator that all 8-figure bottom line net profit companies have that 6-figure ones do not. They Have Top Producers in critical areas of the business complementing, enhancing, enabling the owner by massively contributing to the areas they are not strong and don’t enjoy doing.

One of the most important factors in being able to successfully scale and grow your business is ensuring you have the best possible team members playing in their position of strength.

All your power and leverage will come from having a top-performing team in all key areas of your business, supporting you to operate run and grow your business effectively.

Building a strong, loyal high-performance team that works hard and enjoys what they do is a product of four factors: Leadership, Strengths, Clarity & Rewards

Your effectiveness in developing a culture of high-performance team members is in direct proportion to your discipline in creating, upholding, and continually improving winning standards.

Understanding the rules of the game by defining the boundaries so that everyone knows exactly how to act how to communicate and how to treat each other is key to high performance.


Lead your team forward by setting them up to succeed


Have the best team members playing in the right positions


Show them how to play the game and how to win right


Motivate and reward your team based on agreed outcomes
1. Lead your team forward by ensuring that you are paving the way for them to be wildly successful.
2. Select the best team members playing in their positions of power where they are most effective.
3. Show and communicate clearly how to play the game and get the best results by winning right.
4. Motivate and reward them on agreed outcomes by sharing in part of the profits they make you.

There is a big difference between being a business owner & business operator. As most business operators have created themselves a big job that either they do not enjoy or is not profitable or has little to no freedom.

As an operator, you have no leverage because the business is 100% reliant on you and without you running hard all the time the business slows dramatically or completely stops altogether.

If your organizational chart looks like this even with a team and every new opportunity you pursue just creates more challenges, complications and difficulties. It might be why you cannot scale and grow your business because every new attempt will multiply your burden of higher costs, time constraints, resources and eventually lead to a lack of performance, burnout or worse.

Wearing yourself out and burning up precious time stuck doing menial tasks is not leverage.

The only way to fix this is to make a switch from an operator spending too much time trying to do everything and severely limiting your growth to an owner by developing the leverage of a high-performance team.

Determine your clear vision, understand why you want that outcome, define what your worth per hour, know your superpower strengths, isolate the activity’s you should not be doing. Hire top producers specifically for those key areas that provide maximum leverage for you and your business.

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