Sales superstars

One of the most impacting areas to 10x your business results is creating, multiplying, and maximizing your sales opportunities as all companies with 8-figure plus bottom-line net profits have a top producing sales force.

Don’t become a victim of RainMaker Syndrome, thinking you are the only one that can produce.

Think about want happens if you are the sole producer that’s not producing it’s a massive problem because its choking your growth right out of your business.

The truth is most business owners only spend a fraction of their available time in revenue production mode, so they fail in scaling their business the only way to fix this is by taking the time to hire the right sales team in your business.

It will save thousands of hours and make you many thousands of dollars and is the number one key to controlling sustainable growth.

Empires Businesses Sales Super Star System shows you how to create a top-performing commission-based sales force to 10x your business revenue results; the system has four separate and distinct stages.

The Superstar Game Plan, Direct Response Recruiting, Personality Profiling System, Onboarding Only The Best Possible Candidates

The best salespeople love to be measured because they want to know how good they are and want everyone else also to know so you need to give them a mechanism to not only show them how smart they are and how much money they can make but also for you to keep score and hold them accountable

The 10x sales formula

The performance key to multiplying your business revenue is in direct proportion to the 10x formula.

1. The daily sales activities of salespeople X
2. The full-time equivalent number of salespeople X
3. The number of available selling days per year X
4. The average dollar sale of your products and services X
5. The sales conversion % rate =
6. The amount of revenue coming into your business

The more you encourage and incentivize your sales team to make calls, book appointments do presentations etc. the more deal flow opportunities you create.

The more top produces you have on your team performing sales activities, the more leverage you have because you are dramatically increasing your available sales days.

The more incentive they have to increase the average dollar sale and improve their conversion rate the more revenue into your business, thus the 10x sales formula.

If you want to find out how you can attract, profile, onboard and set up one or a full team or top producing sales superstars to dramatically grow your business and get your life back book your complimentary business coaching session.

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