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Insider Tips, Tools, Strategies & Thinking Modules

1. Week One – Power & Production
1.1. Master Yourself
1.1.1. Clarity the keys to success
1.1.2. High Performance Multipliers
1.1.3. Health Success Rituals
1.1.4. Powershift Growth Mindset
1.1.5. Overcome Fears
1.2. Leadership
1.2.1. Centre of Influence
1.2.2. Staying Focused
1.2.3. Developing Confidence
1.2.4. Discipline & Strengths
1.2.5. Drive &Motivation
1.3. Culture
1.3.1. Influence Mastery
1.3.2. Winning Attitude
1.3.3. Relationship Improvement
1.3.4. Upholding the standards
1.3.5. Vision Mission Values
2. Week Two – Business Mastery Plan
2.1. Planning & profits
2.1.1 Master Your Money
2.1.2 Business Base Line
2.1.3 Profit Milestones
2.1.4 Fortune Map
2.1.5 Financial Optics
2.2. Managing Risk
2.2.1 Business Audits
2.2.2 Identifying Risks
2.2.3 Reducing Risks
2.2.4 Dash Boards
2.2.5 Diversification
2.3. Business Plan
2.3.1 Develop the plan
2.3.2 Org Structure
2.3.3 Running Meetings
2.3.4 Accountability
2.3.5 Improvement Solutions
3. Week Three – Exponential Business Profits
3.1. Sales Engineering
3.1.1 Sales Architecture
3.1.2 Deal Flow
3.1.3 Ultimate Conversion
3.1.4 Lifetime Value
3.1.5 Performance Multipliers
3.2. Sales Force
3.2.1 Building Your Team
3.2.2 Strengthening Strengths
3.2.3 Managing Top Performers
3.2.4 Apostle Club
3.2.5 Sales Training
3.3. Team
3.3.1 Super Stars
3.3.2 Rolls and Responsibilities
3.3.3 Win-Win-Win
3.3.4 Recruitment system
3.3.5 Compensation Plan
4. Week Four – Lead Generation Accelerator
4.1. Marketing
4.1.1 Best Payday Clients
4.1.2 Client attraction
4.1.3 Primed Market
4.1.4 Positioning
4.1.5 Competitive Advantage
4.2. Lead Generation
4.2.1 Brand Multiplier
4.2.2 Education Marketing
4.2.3 Nurturing
4.2.4 Media Channels
4.2.5 Referrals
4.3. Differentiation
4.3.1 Maven Status
4.3.2 Distinctive Expert
4.3.3 Risk Reversals
4.3.4 Reasons Why
4.3.5 Unique Buying Advantages
5. Week Five – Geometric Growth
5.1. Growth & Scaling
5.1.1 Your Strengths
5.1.2 Systems &Procedures
5.1.3 Processes
5.1.4 Advantages
5.1.5 Fulfillment
5.2. Eliminating Constraints
5.2.1 Identifying Constraints
5.2.2 Exploiting Constraints
5.2.3 Subordinate Focus
5.2.4 Increase Performance
5.2.5 Continual Improvement
5.3. Roadmap
5.3.1 Business Plan
5.3.2 Dash Boards
5.3.3 KPIs
5.3.4 Innovation
5.3.5 Decision Model
6. Week Six – Freedom & Exit
6.1. Reverse Engineering
6.1.1 Endgame Planning
6.1.2 Freedom Numbers
6.1.3 Management Team
6.1.4 Financial Freedom
6.1.5 Operations
6.2. Replacing Yourself
6.2.1 Owner V Operator
6.2.2 Delegate V Abdicate
6.2.3 Test Everything
6.2.4 Your Successor
6.2.5 Freedom Multiplier
6.3. Exit &Legacy
6.3.1 Ultimate Buyer
6.3.2 Business Exit Audit
6.3.3 Value Enhancement
6.3.4 Exit Timeline Planning
6.3.5 Deal Structure Conditions

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Unlock The ENTIRE Business Empire Membership Program Instantly!

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