You may never have thought of yourself as a hero, but every time you help the right people seeking a solution to enhance or improve their lives, you’re a hero to them.

When you’re clear on “who you want to help and why”,

You get to focus 100% of your time, energy, and resources on the best target markets you want to create value for.

Doing what you do best for the best people is the most energizing and profitable use of your time because it expands their life and increases yours at the same time.

This makes saying no to doing the things you don’t want to do for the wrong people very easy.

Yes, to everyone has gotten you to where you are.

No, to the wrong people is going to get you to the NEXT LEVELS.

Your NOT-TO-DO list is more important than your To-Do List.

By identifying the Best Payday markets, you want to create value for, you only focus your energy and attention on the most important people in your life.

You free up excess capacity to continually improve your abilities to help them to enhance their life, and the byproduct of this increases your wealth at the same time.

Being a Hero means doing what you do best for the right kind of people because that’s what they want most from you.

If you think back, you’ll probably agree you’re most heartwarming of all experiences is when your passion and efforts enabled others to improve and grow in ways that dramatically helped them towards achieving what’s important to them.

What makes you a hero is your ability to focus on and leverage your strengths, and innate skills, by helping your best clients discover and achieve what is essential for them, doing whatever is necessary and staying the course to get there.

So, many people in the world need a hero, but you know you can’t help everyone; your strengths and talents guide you to who to be a hero to freeing you up to create value for them with clarity and confidence.

Focusing on “Value”, not fairness to an increasing number of the right people,

Helps you escape from “The me trap” and will free you entirely from the isolating and confusing self-centeredness that seems to hold so many others captive in today’s world.

You gain increased competency and confidence from knowing that enabling other people’s improvement and growth uniquely accelerates your own.

When you focus on expanding your abilities as a hero to the right people, it instantly and automatically evaporates the “comparison shackles” and with it, all thoughts about circumstances, or life, being unfair to you.

Fairness stops being a factor,

Because the pathway to growth and results is all about the usefulness and the value you provide.

There is no more getting stuck in self-induced procrastination because every step-by-step improvement you help the right people make in their lives also has the immediate impact of releasing you from situations in your own life where you’ve felt unmotivated and trapped.

With Respect Glen